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In-game rules


§1.1Do not abuse bugs, doing so will result in a severe punishment.
§1.3Do not attempt to crash the server on purpose (this includes cycling bugged maps in Camel Duels), doing so will result in a ban, a remarkably long one.
§1.4Evading bans will not be tolerated. In case of evasion the duration will be at least doubled. If you have a dynamic IP address, that’s not a valid excuse; in such a case you should not attempt to join until your ban is lifted.
§1.5You are not allowed to flood/spam the server.
§1.6You are not allowed to discriminate others based on race, ethnic origin, place of birth, place of residence, religion, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation.
§1.7Rejoining the server in order to avoid being muted is strictly forbidden.
§1.8Severe insults, annoyance, provocation and immaturity are prohibited, especially if committed against the staff.
§1.9Impersonation of other players or clans is not allowed.
§1.10Trolling is prohibited.
§1.11Helping new players will increase your camel trust level.
§1.12The usage of programs that give you an unfair advantage (cheating) is forbidden, unless nobody minds it.
§1.13Blackmailing is not allowed.
§1.14Using misleading names with the intention to mislead, confuse, fake others or fake command output is not allowed.
§1.15Do not ask us to promote you. You can submit your application here.
§1.16Sharing your admin password with others is forbidden and will result in your admin group deactivation.
§1.17You are not allowed to abuse or play with commands on others.
§1.18You are not allowed to change server settings (such as using /spectate off on Player 1 or the Camel bot, and similar).
§1.19You are not allowed to cycle levels without a good reason.
§1.20You are not allowed to spectate off during a match.
§1.21You are not allowed to use commands that interrupt the game if you are spectating.
§1.22Always play with a recognizable nickname of your own, or risk being kicked.
§1.23You are not allowed to use /maxplayers to set the maximum players allowed in a server to a value lower or equal to the number of current players inthe server in case the Camel bot crashes.
§1.24If you are alone in a server and you want to avoid a game being organized there, you must have a good excuse and provide it.
§1.25You are not allowed to use commands which will affect the game if you’re spectating, unless the players don’t mind.
§1.26Staff members will not behave immorally.
§1.27Staff members will not neglect, insult, or treat people unfairly.
§1.28Staff members are expected to set a good example, not act stupid.
§1.29Staff members will not abuse their power.
§1.30Fun punishments are strictly forbidden.

Camel commands


!news shows the latest server updates and news.
!startgame resets carrots, re-spawns objects, enables nomovement mode then starts the game with a countdown.
!stopgame or !cstop stops the game with a three-second countdown.
!resetgame stops the game, resets the timelimit, resets the game, re-spawns objects, resets carrots.
!nomovement on/off to enable/disable nomovement mode.
!c [level name] cycles to a level that is not in the level list.
!mutespectators locally mutes the spectators.
!unmutespectators locally unmutes the spectators.
!rndpick cycles to a random level.
!rnd2v2 cycles to a random 2v2 level.
!ladder tells player(s) that you want a ladder match.
!nick [name] renames your own player.

Camel binds


F2 User Control Panel
F10 Scoreboard
END Spectating

These rules are subject to change at any time.